dancort.es is up and running


Hey, welcome to my new website. There are loads of things I want to learn and write about in the near future, some of which I hope are of interest to you.

First, introductions. I'm Dan, and I currently work as a digital strategist at Punchkick Interactive—an end-to-end mobile marketing, design, and development agency. It's a terrific Chicago agency that's focused on making the best mobile native and web experiences possible.

As a strategist, my job is to come up with solutions to our clients' needs, and to work with the team to see the execution through—from design, to development, launch, and promotion. Given the breadth of the role, I've picked up a few different skills that have turned into major hobbies.

Among them are user experience design, prototyping, front-end development, marketing, and animation. This blog is where I'll be writing about them.